Gent 7


The Gent7 Cleansing Body Mitts are created for the gentleman on the go! Sometimes you need to be refreshed, cool and clean before the big corporate dinner, after a round of golf, or when pulling an all nighter.

Gent7 Derby Mint has a bolder proprietary scent that is sure to make a gentleman smell like a gentleman. The mitts are loaded with mint, aloe, and cucumber. They are a sure way to get rid of excess dirt, oil, bacteria and odor!

You're a Gentleman! Conquer the world, and feel great doing it! Visit Gent 7



The FLX>> Cleansing Body Mitts are created for the athlete. Staying cool and refreshed is a sure way to leave your competition in the dust!

During your next ride, run, workout or game put a FLX cleansing mitt in your bag.

FLX Technology has a proprietary subtle scent that is loaded with mint and aloe. FLX will cool you off and have you feeling and smelling your best. Visit FLX>>

Conquer the world

Whether your choice is FLX>> or Gent7 you will get rid of the grime, salt and odors of the day. Our man-size mitts will clean your entire body.  The days of using multiple wipes to get clean are over!