Posted by Matthew Wynn



Wacom's Bamboo Stylus is the best tablet-focused stylus we've seen so far--but does the iPad benefit from having a stylus at all? 


What's Good

The stylus itself looks and feels great. It's a subtle but attractive pen-looking stylus, matte-finished black metal with silver accents, that's just the right size--not too thin, not too thick. It's also weighted properly, both in actual weight and in balance, so it doesn't feel like you're holding a hollow aluminum tube. The tip is most reminiscent of, well, a condom's reservoir tip, made of a slightly thicker, firmer, black rubber. It's a clever solution to the problem of friction--it comes pretty close to mimicking the feel of a pen on paper, despite it being a rubber pustule dragged along a glass surface.

Functionality is great, too; you can use the stylus basically in place of your finger, which is a curious feeling the first time you try swiping between the iPad's homescreens or scrolling through emails, but works just as well.